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Sunday, May 31, 2009

me and mine.

crickey I feel nervous. I am following at the Hunt today. And I am feeling really really jittery about it.

A very very kind friend has lent me her horse to follow so I can find my courage again. She wont be there today and another Hunter drives past her gate and will pick the horse up for me. So with all the stuffing around these two lovely ladies are doing for me to help me pluck up the courage to 'swing a leg over', I better bloody do it. Thankyou ladies for your trust, faith, and very kind thoughts.

I am hoping that once I am in the saddle it will feel like home again. This boy Im on today is a quiet chap, so my butt should stay in the saddle. My legs will be so sore tomorrow. I havent really ridden since January so a quietish day is planned.

We should finish seeding today, so I took some pics of Kym, Sean and the implements. Keeps Kym feeling warm and fuzzy when he's in the occasional shot. lol. I'll pop them here tonight when I come home.

Did this LO last night. I cut up a Heidi Swapp mask that rarely saw the light of day and used it as an embellishment instead.
Really love how this one came out.
***edited to add*** oh dear. I have been neglectful. So sorry Amanda. Amanda Hall took this very lovely photo of me and kids. It is my all time favourtie of the the three of us. I have actually popped this one into Kym's wallet.


sandra said...

oh my LOVE this Tiff
The colours are great and love those flowers and the little heart in the peekaboo corner.
good luck today at the hunt.. I hope it encourages you to throw the leg over more often... (lol with comments like that theres even more reason for Kym to be feeling warm and fuzzy)
yes I know.. I smacked my own fingers and will now retreat to the corner with the crayons. ;)

Anonymous said...

oh dear Sandra really gives those crayons a hiding, we will have to get her some new ones soon!
Anyway chik hows the saddle, pop over any little ones, was thinkin of you all day, fingers crossed an all that too. Cheers Trish .S

Nicole Aspinall said...

Tiff this is STUNNING I just love everythgin about it!