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Saturday, May 23, 2009

me and mine.

after reading a post on E2C from Meredith about putting yourself with the kids in front of the camera, I felt really motivated to do it. Thanks Meredith. I just needed the push!!

So with the crap day outside and the kids not wanting to go to footy because of the weather, we had a mini photoshoot.

Annie took some shots of Sean and I,
Sean took some shots of Annie and I,
and I used the tripod and remote to set up some shots of all of us together.
And some extra ones of just me and Annie as Sean's angle in the viewfinder was either on the floor, the ceiling, or just about anywhere else. And with a cheeky smile when he did it too. Little squirt.

So these are straight off the camera without any fiddling.
And I am so glad I did this. I will be taking shots of me and the kids a lot more often after reading that post.


Kirsty said...


Anonymous said...

Priceless Tiff, some of the best photos come out of no particular occasion, but rather just fooling around.

Meredith Treloar said...

Just had to comment on these Tiff ... the one of the three of you together is great!! And the one of you and Annie has got that "you get the feeling of the mood" about it.

So glad you tried this ... lots of fun and once we get over the worry of the camera being dropped it is so much fun!! There is always the insurance agent!! ;-)

SueP said...

Cute photos Tiff - the one of you & Sean, and one with Annie are my favs. We all seem to take photos but not often in photos.... i too am guilty!