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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mr O with Miss A (take 2)

I had the pleasure of seeing Mr O again today. Some of the photos I had taken of him with his sister last week I was not happy with, so I asked Mum if I could reshoot them. Lucky for me she said yes, as now I am REALLY happy with these ones.

So thankyou very very much Mum for your patience with me. I am certainly no professional and make heaps of mistakes.

Lucky for you, there are heaps of extra snaps.

And I had my extra cuddle. There is nothing like the smell of little baby. So very addictive. And no Maryanne, I'm not getting clucky. But I am having so much fun playing and being a kid myself.

And my answer to Sandra's suggestion of having a 'studio' built on is
"no way in hell do i want a studio. just want keep the whole thing very casual and a whole of fun. you scare the pants off me Sandra. and would prefer to stay with baby photos as they dont run away from me. lol."

Just check out these most gorgeous eyes framed by those dark lashes.


maryanne r said...

lol.....I get clucky more now that my kids are older.Lucky[or not?] my husband has been "fixed"!!

Kirsty said...


I am SOOOOO clucky!!!

tanya.chandler said...

Stunning. AGAIN!! Well done Tiff. I can't wait for the next lot with my lot!! next school hollies perhaps?
T xx

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos once again Tiff, very cute !!