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Sunday, May 17, 2009

so very sorry

I find it very hard to write from the heart. The words do not come easily and it may take me several tries to get it right, but I still cant put what I feel into words.

When I started journaling for this LO it was supposed to be about the joy of scrapping with friends. When I finished writing it had become an apology.

This is also my E2C houndstooth challenge entry but I feel a bit uncomfortable asking the girls to post it there. I would be if I was in their shoes. It's a bit of a pity as this one has turned out so well. Cant go wrong with classic black, white and red.

***edited to add that I have lifted this from Gabriella Baincofiore LO of 'Changes' which is in this months CK***

So I guess I'll post my challenge to them from here via cyberspace. If the E2C team feel ok about it (I know they lurk here *wave*) I'll submit it. If they don't, I wont. No skin off my nose.

Off to watch Twilight DVD. This would be the first time I have sat down to watch a movie since going down to Lincoln with a bus full of ladies to watch Mumma Mia. How long ago was that??? 9 months or so I reckon. sigh..... TV is so not in my life, except for the weather if I am lucky and Spicks and Specks if I remember.

I have an infant photography session tomorrow. Stay tuned for the pics.




maryanne r said...

hey tiff, you have to know that I would LOVE this one, the color combo gets me every time!!looks awesome!!are they PS brushes in the bottom left hand corner.they look fantastic.Pretty intense journalling, something I dont do very well Im afraid.
I did get a couple of pages done today and did manage a couple a few days ago.WOW

amanda hall said...

Sorry you feel that way Tiff and sorrier to see that on here.

rot isn't a word i would have ever said about E2C and our friendship.

:) Tiff said...

oh Amanda. I am sorry that you feel that way. It is an apology after all.