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Sunday, November 15, 2009


can now reveal after publication in SBM Vol 2 no. 6. pg 134

I really wanted to reflect the rich hues of the dirt at Broken Hill. And to remind you of the dryness of the area I used a cracked brush on the PP. (thanks Sandra)

The Prima bloom catches the subtle greenery in the distant scrub line.


sandra said...

Wow!! this looks great! you've captured the feel of the heat and dryness so well.
LOVE that crack (lol)
Works beautifully and its really subtle.
love it

Jane said...

love your crack too LOL. looks very effective. I saw this photo when you had it developed in Rabbit . Looked great then but now it looks WOW! great to see finished result.

:) Tiff said...

lol Jane. that was AGES ago when I got this one done. you have an amazing memory. thanks to you and Sandra for your kind comments. (now I'm a bit coy about my crack pmsl).
cheers to you both

Zan said...

Can you leave Tiff's crack out of this and talk about the layout [heh! heh!]. Sorry... it was there to be said. Anyhoo... Tiff this is one of my favourite layouts of yours - the colours, simplicity and blending of all the elements make it really stunning. Good job.