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Saturday, November 14, 2009

tumby time

The kids and I had the best day today. We visited a couple of families here in town and there was a fair bit of playing going on. Can always count on having a good time and air con in their homes. Thanks guys. It helped the morning fly and gave the kids a wonderful distraction (me too, truth be told).

Later this arvo we headed over to Tumby to frolic on the beach. Paige (our bestest friend ever) met us there and spent some time with the kidlets.

Its just so good to spend some time with her. A few more people joined our group and we had tea together on the beach. The kids were still in the water at sunset as it was just so darn lovely.

Tomorrow will be another stinker. I'm not sure of our plans yet, but no doubt something will happen. It usually does!!!!


sandra said...

Love that photo of Sean and Paige.. you can see the connection between the two

maryanne r said...

Oh to be beside the sea!!I bet it was just beautiful over there!

Anonymous said...

Hey Tiff, thanks for your comment :):):) I ADORE your clock, too funny and I love the saying, so true. I left 2 messages on your blog when you told me about the link you had for me, not sure if you got em, but I would LOVE the link when you have time, chat soon lovely lady, Tiff :):):) PS love the banner shot too :):):):)

Anonymous said...

Thanks sooooooo much for that Tiff, I must have missed it, having a blonde moment or somthin LOL xx.