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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

my man

This is his time of year whereby he reaps what he sows. Its in his blood, and I could never tear him away from it. He has great satisfaction seeing a crop in head waving gently in the breeze, seeing it feeding into the comb of the header and seeing full road-trains of it pull away from our farm on its way to the silos.

It is who he is. He is a farmer and I wouldn't change him for the world.


sandra said...

wow! LOVE this photo!
so clever!
Can't wait to see this scrapped.

Anonymous said...

wow tiff, some more wonderful photography and layouts! well done chook!!

BTW, got any freebie PS actions that are simple to use that you love you can email my way?? i tried downloading some from one of the sites you use but unless i go find all the tutorials again i dunno how to use them... same with masks and stuff.

janice said...

GREAT photo Tiff.

Well done on your RFP. Another fab layout.
Good on ya!!!