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Sunday, November 8, 2009


Wasn't it warm today. Well it was here and will be for the rest of the week. Just a taste of things to come. I got up and shut the house down before sunrise this morning, so it was lovely and cool inside all day. No need for air con. YET. Once the stone work in my home heats up, it doesn't cool down so well at night time and so is a bit warmer inside then. And as tomorrow (Monday) is supposed to be warmer than today, I dare say the air con will get a bit of a run.

I've had a lousy niggly dry cough, that once it starts doesn't really stop until I fall asleep. It's so violent. It gets to the point that I feel like throwing up, and sleep is a very precious commodity that I dont get a lot of. I've been awake coughing until 3 or 4 in the morning before I am so puffed out I sleep.

As a result I been feeling like yesterday's dishwater. No energy or omphh at all. I should have taken the kids to the beach later this arvo as it would've been so lovely there. But I just couldn't be stuffed. Its just too hard and then I'll be hacking and spluttering on the beach. Believe me, its not nice to hear it. The doc has given me some sinus Ab's but they have made no bloody difference at all.

Any how, I've done a LO over the last couple of days. I just couldn't seem to find much energy for that either, and that's really not me at all.

ps. I've been allowed to post the pic of Mum from the 'little G ladies'photoshoot. Pop over to Tiff Firth Photography to see why I told her she was 'smokin!!' as soon as I took the shot.       Hot, Hot, Hot.

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