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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

his pride and joy

A friend of mine asked me to pop by one evening while he was on the header to shoot some pics of his pride and joy. As the kids and I came home from the beach on Monday night, there he was, in a paddock of wheat, the gate was open and the breeze was blowing the right way so I wouldn't be covered in grain dust. Oh, and I happened to have the camera in the car.

This is a couple of them.
Thanks mate for letting me post them here.

And just a quick one of me kicking back on the beach Monday night. Funnily enough I was in about the same spot there tonight too. It was heavenly. Another couple of families came over with us after school and we all had fish and chups (pronounced with a kiwi accent) for tea. Home by 8pm to a much more livable outside temp.

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