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Monday, November 2, 2009

wall clock

I have been working on a wall clock for Annie's bedroom for the last couple of days. She knows nothing about it, so when she sees it tomorrow on the kitchen table it will be a total surprise. I can just hear the squeal now lol.

***edited to add*** her little eyes popped, and she squeezed me the biggest hug. after another good look at it she said, "Its fantastic Mum". My heart just melted!  awww.

I will be doing one for Sean not too far away. A few lessons learnt by this one.

I also had a go at 'no flash' low light photography. The clock was sitting on my kitchen benchtop under fluro lighting at 11pm. I'm pretty chuffed how well the photo turned out. (imagine me on a ladder standing on the top rung above the LO. I used a fast prime lens (no zoom) so I have to move me to fill the viewfinder with the clock.)

I need to tweak a couple more LOs from the Scrapathon before I am happy posting them here. I think they must have been the late late night ones. (insert roll eyes)

Good luck for the 'Cup'


janice said...

Looks good Tiff.
Lucky you Annie.

Anonymous said...

looks great tiff, bet Annie will love it! wow at all that bling around the edge!!

LOL I know what you mean about a few lessons learnt... see my blog lol.


sandra said...

Oh this is lovely!
Love that stitching around the circumference (wow that's a long word!)
I can see why she loved it!

Kathleen said...

so so sweet Tiff, thanks for sharing!!