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Thursday, December 6, 2012

harvest 2012..... continued

Been chasing the different machinery around the farm when the occasion crops up (lol pun intended!!). Still have more in the can, not yet worked on, but there only so many hours in a day. Looks like harvest  will be mostly at winding up in the district over the next week or so. Its been a good run with not all that many hassles here this year. And that makes for a happier husband 


Golden Hour Harvest. Australia. 29.11.12

Quail's point of view as it hides in the wheat while the New Holland CR 9060 Harvester draws nearer.

Harvest. 6.2.12

Lecia Mojo GPS Base Station.

Today's Farmer needs to be technology savvy. Not only in bigger, more efficient machinery, but also in computer know how. More and more implements are guided by GPS with accuracy of just 2.5 centimetres. Driving hands free is becoming more the norm. Farmers have had to learn and adapt to keep up with updated farming systems. Harvest 2012.

an Ant's view of Case 4694 Tractor front. 26.11.12

Mercedes-Benz 1418. Harvest 2012

New Holland TR 86. Harvest 2012

Case 4694 with McQuinn Seed/Super Unit. Harvest 2012

Outloading wheat from auger, Header and Chaser bin. Harvest 2012

Field Bin Golden Hour. Australia29.11.12

Full Chaser Bin pulling away from Case IH 8120 Harvester. 25.11.12

Moody skies above the reaping of the wheat. 25.11.12

Surrounded by wheat. Harvest 2012

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Janice Nicholls said...

LOve them all Tiff. You have taken some awesome shots for "Farmer of the Year". Love the colours Keep up the good work. :)