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Thursday, December 27, 2012

christmas 2012

I made a point of documenting our Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day with the Camera. Just snaps to remember our festive season.

Christmas Eve evening was spent with Paige, Dion and her parents at their home near Tumby Bay. It was wonderful to catch up with them as a family. Its been a while and its great to reconnect.

When we came back home we all pitched in to set up the Firth Runway 001. Dad and Sean sorted out the tealights in the jars.while Annie and I set up the strip and placed the landing lights. And then the kids, bless their socks, had to sit perfectly still for 25 seconds so I could capture this shot.

I woke up during the night and noticed that Father Christmas had visited (wink) and I took this shot with the Christmas tree lights blinking away and just one little light for ambience. This shot took 1 minute to capture.

There was other evidence of Father Christmas's visit.

And the reindeer let the kids know they had used the runway the night before hahahhaha.

The mayhem of our lounge room Christmas morning.

After our traditional pancake breakfast, the kids played with their gifts and I got things together to head to Grandma and Grandpa's for the rest of the day and overnight.

This was our spread for lunch

Our lunch table

The hugs of love to say thank you for Grandma and Grandpa's gifts.

Annie's started writing a book. And she wanted to read her first chapter to Grandma and Grandpa. So just I had capture her recital.

There's a bit of a back-story to the saxophone, and it wonderful to see them have fun with it.

Christmas arvo saw everyone take a little quiet time.

And then the backyard cricket begun

When we were back inside Annie decided that Grandpa's shiny (her words) spot needed covering up with the popper streamers.

And then she wanted to take a pic of me.

After tea we played Annie's new game, Junior Masterchef. For a kids game, its very complex

By 9.30 the kids were sent to bed, the big boys played crib and the girls offered helpful advice while sipping Bailey's on ice.

Boxing Day was a Bacon and Egg Breakfast before we left Grandpa and Grandma's. Grandma and us headed to Farm Beach to wet the Kayaks and give Miff, Grandma's Labrador.  Of course I took a few pics of the family. And some others as well. here. here. here. here. here.

We were home by 2.30 and it was perfect to chill, catch up on lost sleep, unpack and start thinking about what we need to pack for our time away in Tumby


Belinda-Jane said...

Love it Tiff - looks like lots of fun, and what a perfect day at the beach!

SueP said...

Looks like aplenty of good times had in your house Tiff, loving the pink kayaks...you'll have heaps of fun with them!!