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Friday, August 27, 2010

the runaways photo wallet

Funny how a good thing always keeps turning up.

Meredith taught an OTP class at the E2C retreat earlier on this year. Her inspo for it came from here. I have seen several of these wallets being created since then. 2 more only last week in fact.

When I saw what papers Nat had used on the one she made, they reminded me of my Mum. Mum's into pink and roses so how perfect is the Girls' Paperie Range. And Mum loved the vintage photos of the kids 'running away from home'.   I changed mine a bit to include pockets to slide in the tags the kids had written on for her.

With things about to get crazy busy in the photography department, now was the time to make one for her Birthday. Its not until December, but if its going to be anything like last year, I wont have time to scrap at all!!!!

If you see Mum, shhhhh, she has no idea so don't spoil the surprise


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Anonymous said...

Tiff this looks awesome! You clever thing. You mum will absolutely love this I'm sure. Such a beautiful personal gift! BTW it's Laura (aka Miss Anon ;-)

sandra said...

gorgeous...even more gorgeous irl.
she's going to adore it..what a beautiful keepsake.

(word verification: qhbleou....seriously WHAT IS IT with your blog's wv's??...it must hate me!!