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Thursday, August 5, 2010

thank you

I made a card. Egad. yes I made a card.... lol. 

The kids catch a new school bus on Friday with a new driver (new to the kids). So I wanted to say a thank you to our former driver who looked after my kids on her run. And for her friendship too. A couple of times Sean has turned around from getting off the bus, got back on, gave the driver a big hug, a kiss and a thank you for dropping him off. Needless to say he melted her heart. Mine too, truth be known.

On another occasion Kym and I miscommunicated. I thought he was picking up Annie, and he thought I was picking her up. Neither of us were home. We had an arrangement with our driver that if no one was at the stop to pick her up she was to kept on the bus instead of leaving her on her own to find her way home. (she was only just 5 back then). Annie found out that day just how far her bus travels each day. By the time Kym and I twigged that neither of us had Annie, I had rung the driver and she waited with Annie in her car at our stop on her way home from the end of the bus route.

So its the little things, the little considerations that mean so much. So this is a little card to say a big thank you to her.

ps. We have never been late to meet the bus since then either lol.

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