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Sunday, August 29, 2010

gpa smart's photo wallet

Its my Dad's birthday in a few days time and as he's currently in the top end of WA I need to post this photo wallet ASAP to him. Choosing colours for a bloke who's red/green colour blind ruled out all my stripy papers as they all had those two colours in them. So I settled on the faithful brown/blue combination with a dash of orange for the spot of colour. I'm really pleased how these turned out.

Please excuse the background that the wallet is against. As this must go in the mail Monday I had to take the shots tonight so I just had to do it on the floor in my office rather than something nice and contrasty. Not to worry as I'm sure you get the essence of it all. :O)


ps. D.O.D. is an acronym for Dear old Dad. 


sandra said...

yep that was the first thing I noticed....oh my goodness look at that floor!! lol ;-p
didn't even notice Tiff.
The wallet looks Fantastic!
love the colours and the profile card is Perfect!
and lurve the cogs.
He's going to love it!

Kirsty said...

It is absolutely perfect! Didn't even notice the floor!

Christine said...

wowTiff, what a beautiful gift!

SueP said...

Love it Tiff, great colours and i am sure he will love it!!

Was too busy looking at the project to even notice your floor!!

Karen Shady said...

Hi... I was just passing by, and couldnt leave without telling you what a fabulous idea this is... i love it, as im sure your Dad will too :)