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Monday, August 23, 2010

a vision splendid

I headed up North Block today with a couple of challenges in mind.

1. Bracketed shooting.
2. Learning HDR in Photoshop (which is a snap in CS5 by the way).

And as a bonus I pulled out my macro on the heaps of native flora up there (on the lee side of the hill out of the breeze.)

I hope to head up again with a couple of shutter sisters on the weekend so today was a bit of a reccie as well.

 One thing I did learn was to carry a lens cloth in my pocket to wipe the drops of mist off the lens. Oh, and to wear some sort of jacket/parka so I can throw it over the camera when a scud comes over. Doesn't matter if I get a tiny bit damp but it does matter so much more with the camera!! I nearly treat that tool better than I do Kym ;o)

Looking North West.  Lake Greenly overlooked by Mount Greenly

Looking north. Lake Malata

Looking South West. Marble Range

Looking South. South Block on left. Marble Range on right. Rain Scud moving thru the valley.

I've learnt so much today and with the peace of nature all around, really soothed the soul.


Anonymous said...

Tiff these are fantastic! Ooh I can't wait to get up there now. Look at those perfect clouds! What a wimp I am LOL hehehehehe Laura

sandra said...

gorgeous photos Tiff.

maryanne said...

really beautiful tiff.