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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

hair yesterday. gone today.

chop chop.
'tis done.
am so much happier with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Janice for the photo shoot. mwah.


Trish.S said...

wooo hooooo you go girl!!!
love it!

Kerryn said...

Good for you Tiff! It looks brilliant!!!!

janice said...

Looks great Tiff!!!

Anonymous said...

Like it! You will notice the difference when you go to wash it next time, it will be like "oops I forgot I probably dont need that much shampoo any more!!!" :)
Karen D

sandra said...

looking good!!!
You looked fantastic today...and did I detect a spring in your step today???

and what kind Word Verification is
I swear yours are harder than anyone elses!!!

Trish.S said...

LOL Sands I thought I was in Lord of the Rings.. I had "Frodl" sounds like a main character Frodo LOL...Now i have cyaken??????

:) Tiff said...

you guys are a crack up. and yes there certainly was a bounce in my step, and I can still swish the locks. and whats more I can still tie it back up in a pony. more like a stub but its there lol.

do you reckon I should take the word verification off?? is it a PITA??

Gina B said...

I LOVE IT!!!!! It looks great.

Trish.S said...

I dont mind words like inedial, sounds like someones been on the scotch all night and dont believe how much they have had lol.