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Friday, July 2, 2010

last couple of days

Busy times.

I had a photo shoot yesterday morning and am processing at the moment. I have another one this afternoon down in Lincoln. This one will be a Part B as Dad couldn't be there first time around. I've got some really great ideas to catch while in their home.

In Lincoln yesterday arvo with the kids and met Kym, who was already down there, to bring the kids home with him. I stayed down for my scrap night at Scrapworkz. (hi Leonie and scrappy girls).

We finished there about 11.30p and Leonie went to Kmart for their toy sale. They shut at midnight last night so this was a great time to get the Chris Kringle stuff without the kids. And they have a great idea for layby this year. Grab their catalogue, check out the goodies, take the catalogue up to the layby counter and order the toys. No need to fill up the trolley. Or ring thru your order, or, even better yet, you can do it on the www. How awesome is that. So I have Christmas all wrapped up, and didn't even break into a sweat.

Processing today, about to go visiting and then pick up Annie from school as it finished at 2.30p and rip down to Lincoln for that other shoot. Scrapping at Sheoak has been cancelled tonight so I'll be processing and scrapping at home tonight.

Camp oven roast lunch on Sunday. Looking forward to that a lot. Yummo.

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