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Monday, July 12, 2010

my runaways

I've been very trigger happy today. I was in Lincoln this morning for 3 photo shoots that went awesomely well. Big thanks to Leonie for providing a central location for everyone. Mwah.

Then I was in Woolies with the camera for a scrapping project. I did ask the lady in the aisle if it was OK and was given the thumbs up. So I started snapping away. I didn't dare look up as different people walked past as I'm sure they would have the WTF look on their face. LOL. It wasn't until I heard a man's voice behind me saying "Excuse me, do you have permission to do that?" that I just about shat myself and looked over my shoulder. Mr B (Maryanne's son) was standing there with the cheekiest grin on his face. I love the fact that he is so comfy in shit stirring me. Not bad at all for a teenager bloke. Mind you, it goes two ways :o)  He did have me pooping myself tho!!

I was in Lincoln without the kids which is nearly unheard of, so I stopped several times on the way home for different photo opps.

And then just as if that wasn't enough, I thought the light was good enough and it was just warm enough to dress the kids in some old vintage clothes that I found in 'The Big Wardrobe' (our local dress up hire shop). I borrowed a couple of old suitcases from Sandra last week and pulled a long stem fabric rose out of large floor urn in my bedroom and we were good to go.

I've only fiddled with one shot as I have a heap of processing from the shoots from yesterday, today and one more tomorrow to get through. I'll be burning the midnight oil for sure this week.


Anonymous said...

Tiff those clothes, Annie's GORGEOUS hair and Sean'd very cute hat all make this one a complete winner! You go girl :-)

Anonymous said...

Oh that was from me by the way :-) (aka "Laura") !!

Trish.S said...

you wicked wicked woman sending those poor children away from home at such a tender age and all for a photo ...... LOL seriously great shot tho I was chuckling away at all the possiblilies. Fantastic.

:) Tiff said...

LMAO Trish. you and your off beat sense of humour. lol.

janice said...

Awe!!!! this is a beautiful photo, but a bit of a tease, I cant wait to see the rest. You are very lucky to have such great little models.Im sitting here looking and looking, I just love it.

Tanya said...


sandra said...

Those old suitcases have never looked so good!!
This is a gorgeous photo Tiff.
I do wonder what is going through their minds though....;-)
Your photography is totally ROCKING at the moment!!

Anonymous said...

Amazing photo Tiff. Love the way Sean is holding his dog by the ear. :P Miss you all! Paige. xx