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Thursday, July 8, 2010

glorious winter light

I've felt like I'm about to implode for the last couple of days. I have been very tired and finding it tricky to find my zing. I am not able to pinpoint anything in particular other than some commitments that I have to meet (scrapping and financial year stuff), nothing too overwhelming tho.... so where is my zest???????????

I needed to find some time away from the kids, not they are difficult or naughty, far from it, but just some time for little ol' me. Kym's been off farm working every day so they haven't had a lot of Dad time lately, so I arranged with him to have the kids on Thurs mid afternoon so I could take off for a while.

Shutter sister, Laura Smith, and I headed to Coffins with cameras, tripods, filters and a few ideas to capture. We have been planning this around weather patterns and husbands. Tonight was our night.

And didn't Mother Nature put on a show!!  Love the clear winter light.

sunset looking to the head of the channel

I've been shooting stills with the Camera Club sections in mind for the next couple of months. With my op due in 3 weeks or so, I won't be able to do a lot for a bit, so I need to get onto it them now. 


Laura and I sat on a little beach and played around with long exposures, filters and different settings to catch the very last rays of the day. Mine turned out mostly crap (I'm waiting on a particular filter to arrive to explore long exposures further) but Laura, who has a nine stop filter, caught the magic of the moment.

We went to the pub after and had a lovely tea before we came back home.

This afternoon was just the break away I needed. Great company, great location, awesome light and a lovely meal. Thanks Laura. I'm checking out our next location for the 3 of us (Tanya C) over the weekend.


Anonymous said...

Tiff, your photos turned out amazing! Truly great stuff from the artist! Thanks for a fab day, when's the next one? hehehehe...

sandra said...

Tiff...Your photography seems to have turned a corner (or is it just me??)
These are stunning and have that WOW factor...
go girl ;-)