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Thursday, July 22, 2010

oh shit moment

have you ever had one of those "oh SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" moments.

I had one this morning. After spending literally hours on the desktop 'puter last night doing stuff for a rather large scrapping project with a deadline of next week, the monitor shat itself on boot up this morning. Well I hoped it was the monitor and not the video card in the hard drive. That would mean a couple of days of downtime that I just don't have to spare.

I called out for help on Face Book via my mobile and had a response in 2 mins flat. I asked if anyone locally could lend me a monitor if they happened to have a spare one to test my system. Thank you so very much  Macayla T and Jayne T for trusting me with your 'big arse' monitor while your hard drive is at the Docs.

And, thank goodness, it is my monitor that has died and not the video card. It has been difficult to start up for the last week, so I knew something was up, just not what. So after a number of phone calls to business in Lincoln, googling specs and having the wonderful Leonie pick it up for me, I will have this baby in my hot little hands tonight when I go down her way to scrap.

LED seems to be the way technology is going these days and the 23 inch screen should stop me squinting at the damn thing.


Kirsty said...

WHOA!!!! Nice choice!

maryanne r said...

yep I have had those 'OH SHIT!!!!!!' moments, also those 'OH F###!!!!!!' ones too!!!!!at times...lol