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Saturday, September 22, 2012

A+ family

I had the pleasure of photographing this family last Monday night. Even tho it was very lightly showering we started as the light was gorgeous.

With my continually wiping the front of my lens of the little spots of moisture I wiped off my UV filter. I couldn't stop to worry about that. I just left it where it dropped, wiped the front of the lens and kept going. I picked up the chipped glass and the ring later. It was well and truly stuffed. Mental note, wipe anti clockwise so I don't wind off the filter.

These are just a couple from the shoot. I'll pop up more on the Tiff Firth Photography 'A+ family' album there.

Near the end of the shoot we were blessed with a rainbow that just hung in the sky for nearly half an hour.  Icing on the cake!!!!

1 comment:

SueP said...

Very nice Tiff, i am sure the A family will be very happy with these shots!! Nice time of the year for photos that's for sure!!