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Thursday, December 3, 2015

harvest 2015 images

Isn't it funny how one thing can roll into many things.

I had a brief from Pringles Crouch John Deere Dealership to capture an image or two to feature on large bar fridges that are to be given to their clients who had bought a new Header this season. This is one of three final images showcased on those fridges.

That image led to a request by a neighbor to capture his machine out in the paddock....

... which led to a 3 day commercial shoot with Ramsey Bros Case IH dealership to support a crew of 4 that came from Adelaide to shoot vision for a corporate video and footage for 3 tv Commercials. I shot the stills for brochures, websites and the like.  Again that lead up to these twilight images.....

... which then lead to another private inquiry for a client and his implements in the paddock.

I've also a number of images with the headers under our great southern night sky with all the stars ablaze too, but I'm loving the twilight images more.

The really gratifying aspect about this run of Harvest shots is that the fellas have been requesting them. And that means a lot.

To say I've been a tad busy in the last couple of weeks is a gross understatement. That's not including shooting images to promote the Cummins Christmas Wonderland, shooting my last family photoshoot (which was such awesome fun), photos of my own kids at their various end of school year functions, shooting a few shots for a friend for her christmas cards, and other little bits and pieces.


Tricky May said...

Top stuff Tiff.
Hope the shoulder survived!
Cheers, Tricky.

Leanne J said...

Wow. These are amazing! Huge congrats gorgeous.

Brham13 Silva said...

These photos are superb!! I am in love with such exotic sky views. I am going to get engaged soon. It would be great to have a photo shoot at such beautiful place. I will try to ask my Port Macquarie Photographer if he can arrange something similar.