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Sunday, February 7, 2016

collaboration project

Back in December I worked closely with our local John Deere branch, Pringles Crouch Ag Plus on a project for their clients who had recently bought new implements prior to the 2015 harvest.  I wasn't allowed to allude to what the end result was with the clients as it was a surprise for them, but I was in full knowledge of the project so I could shoot for the best result.

So as of last week a series of four stills became available for their clients to choose their favorite bar fridge.

And also as of last week there are now two more available with their newly released dual wheel tractor and self-propelled spray rig.

To say I'm more than thrilled with the whole project is an understatement, and I'd really like to thank Jill Wedd for her vision for this to happen.

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