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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


So with my One Little Word in mind (Stop), when I was asked if I would give a Spartan Run a go, I didn't dismiss the idea right away. I hesitated, and said let me research it a bit. And I did.

Spartan is the top quality obstacle race around, and if there are 2000 pre race regos, then it will be in SA for the first time.  Its somewhere 50mins of Adelaide on Saturday April 8th. AND I'VE REGISTERED.

I'm doing the 7km sprint which has around 20 obstacles in it. I won't be sprinting it, not even jogging it as I don't have the knees to let me do that. I can powerwalk 7k no worries so that's my plan. I will need to run up to, at or down into obstacles but I'll powerwalk in between.

There's also a kids Spartan Race with kid size obstacles and Sean is super keen to be in that.

I'm excited and quietly shitting myself at the same time.   I've started a strength and grip training regime at the gym to prep myself for it. And I'm having some rope climb training with a friend shortly.

If you have 16 mins of time and the data, this is what I'm facing in April.

If you'd like to watch the kids Spartan race, watch this one.

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