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Monday, March 20, 2017


Ohh the fun, the laughs and the 'in my active wear' one liners.  As Bec mentioned, she laughed so hard she broke something on  the inside.

Thursday to Sunday twice a year a core bunch of us organise a girls long weekend away for ourselves. Scrapbooking really is just a side benefit.

This time around we went to Tumby for a change and stayed at the shack. Perfect and idyllic with the water just metres from the front lawn.

Saturday was the biggest day scrappy wise for me, with lots of cocktails consumed and the creativity just flowed like honey.  The cocktails followed no recipes. They were produced on the fly with whatever we had. And the names were made to suit them as well.  The time out on the sandbar in (and out) of the kayak with Bec and Amy was nothing short of sensational.

The next #scrapshack2017mkII is booked and we are all looking forward to that so much.

On way and just a bit excited. I hardly slept a wink the night before. I was still looking at the clock at 5am. I was going to go to gym beforehand but decided the extra hour of sleep was of more benefit so I could get through the first day/night of #scrapshack2017.

the gang.  Wendy, Amy, Moi, Bel, Bec. 

the location - The Shack. 

This is what started off the whole 'active wear' thing for our time away. Every sentence after seeing this had to finish with "in my active wear". It was just outrageous. You had to be there.


Paige and Noah visited.

 Friday morning walk to burn off the cocktails.

Friday bar opened with Jelly shots.

Friday lunch was sushi

The Bagshaw

Friday dinner was chicken lasagna

Serena. strong and powerful

late night entertainment. 

Saturday morning. just divine.

Pancakes and berries for breakfast

Wendy's Fruity Elixir

Saturday morning walk stats

Saturday bar opened with vodka marinated Gummie Bears.

Watermelon wine slushie

part of the creation station aka The Scrap Table

 Pizza for Saturday lunch.

Friends with benefits

Waving not drowning.

getting some much needed Vit D.

The Lamington

just making sure I could get the very last drop.

 Saturday dinner at The Seabreeze.  (just can't trust your mates with your phone on the table can you??!!)

Saturday night dessert back at The Shack ... Sticky Date pudding. lush.

Sunday morn dawn.

As we started to pack up lunchtime Sunday, I wanted to move my ute a bit closer and that's when I discovered I had a totally flat battery. I had noticed during the week that it was a bit slower to start and hoped it would last me until after the weekend to have a good look at it. Alas this was not to be.  So after a few phone calls I had jump leads dropped around and that's when I noticed the positive terminal was all but off. Meaning the battery wasn't charging at all during the last week, hence the slower and slower to start. Once I had the terminal back on, and jump started the ute, I dared not turn off, just in case the battery hadn't charged enough to turn itself over again.  I also needed to get to Lincoln to pick up Annie and Sean after her Navy Cadet commitment with the First Landing Ceremony.   So without turning off the ute, I had the kids picked up and we were on our way home.  The little legends helped me unpack the ute of all the scrappy gear in 38 degree heat as it was hot hot hot at home. It was only 27 when I left Tumby. So I was very thankful to the kids to help me out so we could all be inside sooner.

And that's a wrap.

Sneak peeks to come.

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