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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

hello mint tin booklet

Quite some time ago, I think about 12 years ago, I altered a mint tin and made a little photo booklet which slipped inside of it as a gift.  With Miss A going to collage next year, I wanted her to have a little memory keepsake of home. 

All I asked of her was to go through my drawer of offcuts scrap paper and choose one she liked. I didn't tell her why or give any hint of what for.  I should have known she'd choose book paper. This one is from Jenni Bowlin Studio.

Miss A isn't into pink very much but a little hint is ok, so with that in mind I chose the ribbon and selected kraft card as the other coordinated colour on the mint tin.  

The gold heart on the tin lent itself to how I was to embellish the little booklet which is chock full of photos with a little Tim Holtz Vintage Photo Ink gently rubbed on the edges with a sponge and simple gold ephemera.

The booklet has a Kraft front and back cover and I typed a little message to Miss A to introduce the booklet to her.

Miss A had a choice of a larger tag book that I made for her or this smaller booklet in a tin to take with her to collage and she chose the mint tin booklet, which I'm really happy with. Its small enough to pop in her bag/handbag/whatever and the the mint tin will protect it.

Which means that Mr S was more than glad to have the tag album I made for him to remember Miss A by when she's away at collage.

Win win.