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Sunday, April 22, 2018

colour tumby street art festival

Colour Tumby have just wound up their Colour Tumby Street Art Festival weekend April 20-22nd.
If you didn't get there over the weekend then get your butts there while the weather is still warm and lovely.  You'll be in for a treat.

Mural artist Andrew J. Bourke about to put the teeth detail into his shark mural on the side of Bendigo Bank

 Mural Artist Kitt Bennett used a paint by the numbers mural so the public could also have their personal input in the artwork. Front wall along the lawn area near Ritz Cafe & Takeaway

 mural artist Lisa King has an exquisite eye and deft touch of the spray can for the detail. Western wall of the SeaBreeze Hotel

 mural artist Smug with his snapper on the Blue Basin southern wall. The detail in the scales is beautiful.

 mural artist Adnate had the prime real estate spot right inside The Hub during the Wall to Wall art weekend in Tumby. His attention to detail is second to none. Eastern Wall of the Tumby Bay Old Library. 

 James Pedler, local mural artist, had a lot of attention from the sightseers, watching to see what he created. He more than held is own with his creation on the western wall of the Tumby Bay Old Library. 

mural artist James Pedler kindly helped me out with an idea for a photo. Fortunately I had the gentle puff of breeze blowing away from the camera which meant James got a faceful of spray. You're a legend. 

mural artist George Rose is the most colourful with beautifully blended background colours to base the Sturt Desert Peas (South Australia's floral emblem) on. George was very ably assisted by Rosii Pedler and the artwork is on the Rec Centre at the Tumby Bay oval. 

mural artist Dvate showcasing pelicans on his wall on the eastern side of Neindorf IGA in Tumby Bay. I only shot a small portion has there was a shade shelter erected for the artist covering the rest. I'll come back to this one and reshoot it in its entirety.

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