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Monday, May 14, 2018

smashing goals

This girl is on such a great ride atm. Moved out of home to college, working out that boarding life is pretty good stuff, smashing her scholastic targets and just loving life.

Man oh man. Are we so proud of this college girl. All we have asked is that she tries her best. And she was rewarded for her efforts in front of her peers at the school assembly when she was awarded 'Outstanding attitude to Study'.

Her school report came home during the holidays, and she could see for herself the rewards for her efforts. She is flourishing into the young adult she is meant to be.

I managed to coordinate a few things together to make it worth coming over to the big smoke on Saturday to catch her first game of school netty and spend Mother's Day with her (as I had MD the week before with the boys by an accidental date mixup).

You keep on trying your best honey. That's all we ask and we are so gosh darn proud of you.

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