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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I've been quietly scrapping away during this last week. Some of the LO's for me, some are tucked away for reveal on Scrap Therapy in July.

I love this one. The wheat was fussy cut from a Weetbix box. 

I've been ploughing through my Grand Canyon Trip photos so I can get that 'Smash' album done and out of the way.

I've had a couple of photography projects on the boil that I can't hint too much more at      ;O)

This weekend (Kinlough Cup) there is a Scrap Weekend up at Wudinna for the Wudinna gang. Marilyn and Mel have been busy bees in the background for it to come together.

There are a LOT of scrappers up there with very young family, that just can not get to the E2C retreats, so this is primarily their weekend. The Senior Citizens Room is small so there were only 20 spots to fill and most of them have a Wudinna lady's names on them. Shabby Chic Shack are taking the shop up for the retail therapy. There's a number of Lock ladies, myself and 3 from Lincoln going as well.

As of today there are a couple of seats that have become available. Starts as of 2pm Friday to 2pm Sunday. Beds in Wudinna homes are available. Tea at Pub on Friday night, catered lunches and Tea on Saturday night. If you're keen to come (there's no footy/netty for most of us this weekend) ring, msg email me and I can take your details to forward onto Mel or Marilyn.

Can't. Wait. To. Get. My. Scrap. On.

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