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Friday, June 22, 2012


No scrapping for me this week.

I've been digging into my backlog of Grand Canyon images that need processing so I can get that done with, scrapped and move on.

And I had a very very exciting day yesterday. Along with Laura, we presented a range of images to the 'Adopt a Room' committee that's renovating the ward rooms at the Cummins Hospital. They asked us to showcase our local district with images to be hung as canvases in every room. It'll be a project that will take a while as the committee is moving forward room by room.

But both Laura and I are very very flattered to be involved and to be able to leave our mark in the process.

Really justifies what I'm doing behind the lens.


Julia said...

Hey Tiff...it's Julia here. I'm blocked from Scrap Therapy. Can you flick a PM to Lee-Anne and ask her to let me in. My email has changed you see. Thanks so much! {{hugs}}

Julia said...

oh PS...that a great photo of the Grand Canyon..have you been there?