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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Fowlers Bay and the Head of the Bight

I took the kids for a trip up to Fowlers Bay and the Head of the Bight with another family during the last few days.  Kym's been away shooting at the Zone shoot to qualify for the Zone Team to shoot at the State Titles next year, so it was just me at the wheel doing all the driving.

Fowler's Bay is about 6 hours from here, but the way I drive, with all my 'call of nature' loo stops and 'call of nature' photography stops, it took a bit longer. The kids were awesome during the trip and gave me not one spec of grief at all.

We arrived at Fowlers Bay and shifted our gear into the onsite caravan. The Modra crew arrived not long after and made camp with their Camper Trailer. Then we headed to the Sand dunes for a spot of Sand boarding and shutter action. Lots of squealing and fun to be had.

Every Saturday night the Owners of the Fowlers Bay Caravan Park host a big cook up and all we have to do is pull up a chair and pay a very nominal price for a yummy tea. Lush. And it meant one less meal I had to  prepare and pre shop/organise for.

Sunday saw us all at The Head of the Bight. We were treated to a wonderful spectacle of breaching and watched in wonder and delight the antics of a white Southern Right calf.

On the way up to the Head, we stopped on the side of the road for lunch and a few photos of iconic landmarks  (photos yet to be processed)

I need to refuel so I headed west to the Nullabour Roadhouse and was disgusted at the price of diesel at $1.94/litre. On the way back to Fowlers Bay I had a peek at the fuel price at Nundroo and Penong. They were around $1.50/litre. sigh.......

By the time we got back, showered and had our snitzels for tea, we were all just a bit pooped.

Monday. We woke to very misty/sea fog morning that lasted to about 10. Then it was a glorious day. We had organised a boat charter to visit the whales at sea level. The Southern Right Whales were not to be seen the day before, so Rod (Whale Watching on the Eyre) was a bit worried for us. Every day is a new day, and they were back in the Bay.

The Modra Men headed out on the first trip with an elderly couple (max of 5 a boat) while we headed out on the second trip of the day with K and one of the Modra men.

It was magic. So magic.

We spent just over 2 hours on the water with 7 juvenile Southern Right Whales. We didn't have an up close and personal experience with them, but that is entirely up to them. We stay back 100 metres and they can choose to come closer, not us to them.

Lots more sand boarding and squealing (me doing the squealing) in the Sand dunes before a well earnt shower to wash away the collected sand. Relaxing tea, a chilled glass of white wine, or two and a big sleep, ready to drive home next day.

On the way home, we all detoured to Cactus Beach to check out what all the rave is about in regard to surfing.  Nice place, hate to be dumped in those monster waves.  (photos yet to be processed).

I detoured at Elliston to look at the Sculptures on the cliffs before coming home to find a husband at the oven with an awesome roast tea all prepared. (He arrived home from his shoot the day before).

So all in all, it was a spectacular trip that we all have every intention to do again next year. There is usually more action with the whales when the males come in later in August each year.



amyf said...

looks like you were pretty close to them! i will have to show glenn your cactus photos when they're up. glad u had a good time :)

Janice Nicholls said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous time. Fowlers Bay is a beautiful spot. :) x

SueP said...

What a wonderful time, glad you got to see the whales too!! Good pic!!