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Monday, May 20, 2013

his and her balloons

I had the kids for a balloon photoshoot recently. I've been waiting for a pleasant overcast day without any breeze. And on a Saturday while Annie is off netball with her foot injury. So really the deck was stacked against us, but as luck would have it, the perfect day happened, and on a Saturday too. 

I organised for the balloons from Bouncing on Eyre. They were fabulous. I was able to collect them with an hours notice on a late Saturday morning. Can't be knocking that.

So we had a bunch of fun with them. 

We brought them home for a fabulous sunset shoot....

..... and for the next day out in a paddock before we set them free. That was fun.

After letting the balloons go, they bounced merrily on their way to our neighbours house. None of them popped while we watched them. Amanda, if you found balloons somewhere on your property, now you know why and where from   :)

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