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Thursday, October 31, 2013

40 little toes and 20 little bit bigger ones.

I've never had a family wait a month to get their photos back from their session. Until now. I'm a little embarrassed by it to be honest, but I've been that overwhelmed with work and life that there just hasn't been a way to get them returned any sooner.

I'm seeing a brighter light at the end of the tunnel now though. I'm not ticking off one thing on my list to have three more jump on. One thing I'd really like to get done is my own photos for scrapbooking. I've been sadly lacking there and my stockpile is seriously depleted. Its not that I don't have the photos, its that I like to digi them a bit and print them at the lab, not at home. Its just me and my way, but I may need to consider being more open to printing at home if I can't get my stockpile up.

And I've a few scrappy commitments that are pressing too. They are the next thing to tick off my list.

My blog has been sadly neglected, which again, I've never done. I haven't recorded about Sean's Pirie Gym Comp Medal (the only medal won by the Cummins kids) and I've not noted about by my Grandfather's 90th party.  Tomorrow's jobs. Another one to tick off my list.

These are a few of the shots from the patient family. There are more in the 40 little toes and 20 little bit bigger ones on Tiff Firth Photography on Facebook.

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