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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

kids suprise day

On that stinky hot Thursday last week I took the kids away for a surprise day. Sean had a medical appointment in Adelaide that I knew of well in advance, so I was able to book on sale flight tickets. On impulse I booked Annie a flight as well.

Plan A was to have the day in Adelaide with Paige, but the tragic death of her brother very recently changed that plan. 

The kids had no idea that I had even planned a day away with them. It was a total suprise for them. They were woken up a bit earlier than normal, told to get dressed, and carry a back pack. That last gave the game away that something was up. Thats when the excitment level went up a cog.

So off we went. I mentioned to them that we were heading up to Lock when were actually heading in the opposite direction. It wasnt until we came over the hill from White Flat did they twig our day out might have something to do with a flight somewhere.

As I had checked in online and we had no luggage we were able to waltz straight thru into the terminal.  Still the kids didn't know where or what we were up to. I was really enjoying the fun of dragging out the suprise that little bit longer. 

When we landed in Adelaide, instead of walking around the way we normally do to enter the terminal after deplaning, we went straight in a door at the front of the terminal and up the depature ramp. Why that isn't done all the time I don't know. It was starting to warm up significantly by 10am so I was glad to have quick access to inside the terminal.

We caught a taxi straight to Sean's medical appointment to sit inside and enjoy the aircon. We were about 45 mins early but fortunately for us, they slipped us straight in. He's results were so encouraging. From 25 to 50% improvement in that frequency range is significant improvement. Our twice daily commitment is paying off.

From the medical appointment I called a taxi to meet us on a corner so we were on the correct side of the road to go to our next place. Thank goodness for shade as it was very warm. We waited and waited and waited. And all taxis that were going past were full. Lucky for us after about 25 minutes a taxi pulled over to let a lady out right in front of us so we were able to grab that one round to North Terrace.

I was laughing along with the driver as we were talking 'in code' so as to not give the game away. Luckily enough he figured out what I meant by David Jones and 3rd floor. 

As it was so bloody hot there really wasn't a lot of people out and about and for that I am thankful as I don't do crowds very well at all. We grabbed a spot of lunch and made our way up the escalators. You can really tell the country kids who get a kick out of going up and down escalators. :)

And then we arrived

The new system of the virtual lineup to see Father Christmas works a treat. You register yourself at the desk and when there's about 15 minutes before its your turn you get a text to return back to the cave and line up. Saves waiting with the kids in a line for ages. Especially those with difficult children or with special needs. 

I wasn't able to use my camera during the Father Christmas bit but could I use it otherwise everywhere else. The cave is a lot smaller than I remember. I guess I'm just a lot taller than I was then, and it was no where near as crowded as I remembered from when I was little.

From the cave we took a walk in the Mall to Typo, Smiggles and to Photographic Wholesalers, which has moved in with Diamonds on Rundall Street. Then taxied back to the airport to relax in the aircon before our flight back home.

The joy on the kids faces was so worth the flights and my braving the (as it turned out not so crowded) crowds. 

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