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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

~ still here ~

I've been around but madly busy. I had my desk cleared and was about to launch into scrapbooking as much as I could before the spring photography sessions swing into top gear. And then I put my hand up to help someone with a project to be ready for the Golf Club's 50th Birthday.

I'm so glad she decided to delegate as just the bit I did to help took 18 hours complete. And she already had the bones of it in place. There would have been no way she would have that job done on time, with the other things on her plate. So it was nice to be able to help her out.

The saga with the feet has a happy resolution. YAY!!!   I've been fitted with custom orthotics and I've played two lots of 18 holes of golf with any problems at all. In fact they feel just fantastic. No pain killers, no swelling, no burning, no numbness. Just plain ol' feet that I can now not rule my life. Thank Goodness.

I took 4 kids up to the Cleve Field Days today for the Cummins/Port Lincoln Combined bands. They did really really well. Their timing was great, the music was clear and everyone came off with smiles.

Tomorrow night is Port Lincoln for scrapping, Friday is Venus Bay for the weekend, Monday is Port Lincoln, Wednesday and Thursday is Adelaide. Looking forward to that trip.   (details later)  :)  So out a fair bit over the next few days.

There's other things happening in the background that are a bit boringly pedestrian to blog about but they all seen to soak up my time. Just busy being busy. I think if someone asked me for a job description I would have to say 'full time volunteer'.

Stay well.

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