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Sunday, August 24, 2014

what a week

What a jam packed week.
Venus Bay last weekend with the Camera Club Association. All the clubs on EP converged on Venus for a weekend of fun and photographic opportunities.


The Narrows

Back Beach

Boat Ramp

Fishing for their supper


Painting with light

Murphy's Haystacks

Venus Bay Jetty with prawn boats

Monday was a day in Lincoln with the kids as they had a student free day. Hair cuts and sorting out modem issues. Hooray. My modem now works as it should. I've been hot spotting from my phone for the last month as the replacement modem continuously failed to activate.  Telstra Shop in Lincoln are my hero for the moment.

Tuesday was back to Lincoln for me. Bi-yearly mammogram, a visit to the Chiropractor and back in time for coaching the boys at the Gym Club.

Wednesday was a trip with the family to Adelaide to watch Mythbusters live on Stage. What a great show. The kids love science, Sean especially, so it was a wonderful opportunity to fan that flame for them.  They asked for a mother/daughter team to come up on stage, and Annie and I jumped up and down for that chance. And they noticed us. Yippeeee. I shook Adam and Jamie's hands, told them about our 'family fart competition' which was inspired by their flatulence segment. Annie and I were asked to interleave a couple of phone books and then Adam was suspended on harness with the phone books as part of the abseil line, to prove the point about pressure tension.

I also had a bunch of injections done at the Travel Doctor in readiness for my trip to Africa next year. One of the shots (Yellow Fever) I had to have done in Adelaide, so I had it done while I was in town instead of making an expensive special trip for it later on.

Thursday was visiting different family members and taking a tour around a collage with the kids in mind later on. Annie's so keen she wants to start at Year 9, instead of Year 10. That won't be happening, but I do love that she's really keen on the concept of collage. Me, on the other hand, is dreading it. My heart is already shredding just thinking about it.  :'(  
I will be sure to savor the next 3 years and try to stuff it full of memories for her.

Friday saw me on a hill by 9am taking a farm photo for a family to hang a 2 metre canvas in their home.  The countryside is looking at its absolute finest at the moment, with the golden canola richly in flower.

As I was making my way to the hill, I was able to capture this. Talk about being in the right place at the right time.  Simplicity at it's finest.

Saturday morning found me on location by 8am for a family photoshoot. The location they had chosen need the morning sun for it to work and it was a brilliant morning. It wasn't cold at all, quite pleasant actually. I had the jumper off pretty quick and it was such a soft morning light.

By the time I had finished there, and scouted a location for a photoshoot later this week, I was a bit puffed, so a power nap was in order, before heading out to a 40th last night.

Today was a perfect nothing day for the kids. They're a bit congested with a cold/flu and a day off to recover was exactly what they needed. I mowed the house yard on the ride on while they vegged in pj's while going through a box of tissues. Poor little mites.

Right now I should be in the middle of post production for the family shoot yesterday, but I really wanted to get one shot done for me to post on here.  And that's this one,

Oh and one last detail. We lost our beloved Sandy a few months ago. She was the kids' cat, and she was such a cuddlepot. Kym's not a fan of cats at all, hence our 'flat cat' stickers on our windshields of our vehicles, but I don't mind them.  We collected a kitten a couple of weeks ago (Sandy's half sister from a recent litter), and brought Munchkin home. Next morning I let her out of the shed and I stepped inside the house for a moment to get the flea collar and she was gone.  I called and called with no luck. We had to go. The kids were due for the school bus and I had things to go to. When I came home later that day, I called and called. Still no Munchkin. I rang the family that we got her from in case she was heading back that way, I rang the council in case someone found her somewhere, and all but gave up hope of ever seeing her again.

Would you believe, 2 weeks later a photo of her popped up onto the local community Facebook page to ask who had lost a female kitten. She was found in Cummins, some 9kms away by road and probably about 7kms as the crow flies. I'm thinking she might have hitchhiked a ride in under one of the vehicles and somehow survived 2 weeks as a frightened little 4 month old kitten in a totally unfamiliar environment.  Its definitely her, as the family where she came from, have seen her here since I brought her back home, and they've confirmed that, yep, its Munchkin.  Needless to say she's used up a few of her 9 lives and we check the vehicles before we leave the yard.  Now to get rid of feral cat number 11 that has arrived in Munchkin's absence.

And that's a wrap.

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Janice Nicholls said...

Geez your photos are AMAZING Tiff. xx