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Sunday, September 7, 2014

colour me yellow

Hey guys.
Pete Dobré and I are co hosting a photographic tour/workshop here locally next year. Its a workshop where we help you with the camera, composition and all things photographic, and a tour to take you to the rural locations to showcase the best the Lower Eyre Peninsula has to offer at this glorious time of year.

Follow the link at the bottom of his post to find out more or have a yarn to me.

I can't wait.
Tiff Firth Photography

The following is pasted from his Facebook page.
Every season presents you opportunities to photograph through your eyes. I'm so excited with a new workshop/Photo Tour called " Colour Me Yellow"!! This is a visually stunning subject. Details will be announced soon through my website and newsletter. If you haven't signed up for my newsletter, go to the link below and you'll receive my newsletter called, " Capture it" which comes out every 4-6 weeks.

This is a great way to be kept informed in what is happening in my photographic world as I'm always looking for new workshops to present to you all. Love to have you on board and I'm just so excited with " Colour me Yellow' On this Tour I have an awesome guest presenter who will co teach with me and to inspire you all on this workshop which will run for 7 days. Tiff Firth is also a wealth of knowledge as you'll love her teaching as well.

There are another 2 new workshops to be announced soon. So sign up for my newsletter as it is in the newsletter that I will be doing all of my specials and not through fb.

Have an awesome Sunday my friends. Pete:)


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