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Monday, October 6, 2014

fowlers bay road trip

The kids and I, and two other families headed up to Fowlers Bay last week. The other families have camper trailers and normally head out bush, so with the idea of going to Fowlers Bay I was able to hire the one on-site caravan park so we could join them.  Pretty darn proud that I didn't need Kym to be around to make this happen. ''Fist pump'' for being the capable woman the kids think their Mum is. He had to work that he couldn't down tools for.

The kids and I had an absolute blast.
Heading up..... all pics from my instagram  (the real ones are on the computer queued for post production.)
Penong's iconic windmills.

Highway one signage.

Nearly there....

Glamping retro style.
Eating well (no scurvy here)

Swisho fire bucket

Day 2 saw us out on the water with a whale that had her calf only a couple of weeks ago. VERY late in the season for a newborn and its not yet strong enough to migrate back to the cooler waters. So Rod extended his whale tours by a week so we were able to go out and quietly watch their antics. By law he stays 100 metres away, but if they approach him, that's ok.  (source). The mother whale was so relaxed and it seemed like she brought the calf over to show it off to us.  (Pictures on camera)

That afternoon was up in the sand dunes with the kids, photographing them being kids on the sandboards wearing my gopro head harness as well as having it on a pole recording themselves. Lots of fun. And the Boccie tournament.
more healthy eating.

Day 3 was exploring, 4 wheel driving, taking in the sights.  Mexican Hat and Scott's beach for a spot of Salmon fishing.

Fresh crunchy salads every night

followed by marshmallows

Day 4 was warm at Fowlers but lovely on the jetty fishing

and just awesome on Scott's Beach. I took the surfboards up with us, and they were used a lot. salmon fishing, beach cricket, boccie, chillaxing. Best day by far,

 This is our second trip up to Fowlers and I would thoroughly recommend the place. Especially during whale season of August to end September.

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amyf said...

good to see you all had a great time. Fowlers bay is a nice holiday spot :)