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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

gym club windup and my annoucement

Last Friday was the Gym Club windup. Its always a lot of fun on the night, but its a bit of work for the gymnasts leading up to it. The competition boys (the group I coach), choreographed their own routines to demonstrate to their families and friends. This involved weeks of nailing the moves so the boys looked sharp and tight. And they were AWESOME!

I had the great honor of receiving the 2014 Club Person of the Year.
The blurb that was read out loud:
Cummins Gymnastics & Kindergym Club Inc
Coach Tiff Firth was awarded 2014 Club Person of the Year.
For upskilling her knowledge, training and taking the only competition group to their very successful competitions this year. For promoting the club at every opportunity and actively seeking helpers. For being an active committee member and key truckie for pack up/unpack days. And for maintaining the club Facebook page. And of course being Madam Paparazzi for the club. 

Sean was pretty chuffed with his medallion too.

I've been been really considering my options regarding my shoulder/elbow/wrist issues that have been ongoing for quite some time. With the Chiro, the Physio and the Dr all saying 'stop', I've actually really had to take their advice on board. The decision has been gut wrenching. I felt so very torn.

I've loved coaching the boys this year, taking them to their comps in Port Lincoln and then onto Adelaide. But my injuries are just not healing. So I've announced my resignation from coaching at the Windup. I really didn't want to leave the club in the lurch as some of the other coaches are finishing up this year too.

The President and the parents of the boys knew about it prior to the Windup as I had personally let them know of my decision and my reasons, and they'll all been so very very supportive. I've cried over my decision, but it does feel like a weight is off my shoulders atm.

But the club is in trouble. I might be back as a mentor coach. We need a new injection of people on the committee. Or the club will close. Its a simple as that. And as complicated too.

I do need to consider what Sean and Annie feel about my maybe coaching future. For all the times I've been in there coaching, Annie has been there too. Usually in the kitchen reading and doing homework. Even when I had the boys training 3 times a week, she was there. So I really must consider my own kids first.

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Janice Nicholls said...

Well Done Tiff. Congrats!
You do lead a very busy life and are very generous with your time helping out where ever and when ever.
Sounds like you need some You time and Family time.
Fingers crossed someone will step up and help out so gym can keep going.

Well done to Sean also.