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Monday, December 8, 2014


So on Friday this happened

Annie's had beautiful long hair all her life and the last few years she looked after it totally by herself other than plaiting it. Kym and I shared that job.

Thursday she announced she wanted a hair cut, not just a trim, but a chop. As we were in Lincoln on Friday I gave her a night to sleep on the idea just to be sure. Friday dawned and her resolve was firm. So she had the chop.

She would like to donate her hair to the anit-cancer foundation to make a wig for someone to wear. A couple of elderly ladies at the hairdressers watched with fascination as the plait was cut and applauded her generosity in wanting to donate her hair.

I'm trying my best to install in my kids the concept of doing a good deed a day. No matter how big or small, a good deed a day is a wonderful gift to offer.  This deed is a biggie.  That's my girl.

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