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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

his reaction....

remember this pic ...

... well this was his reaction (reenacted) ;)

He was pretty pleased with himself. The balloons stayed around for about a week. Every night in the gentle cooling summer air lazily turned by the ceiling fan, the balloons would stampede out his bedroom. It was just like a herd of cows. Every morning we would have to round them up again from all corners of the house to put them back in the 'cattle yard' being Sean's room. It was actually a lot of fun, soccering them back into his room. We played different ways - no hands or no feet, or push the balloons with your nose.  Lots of laughs.

I decorated a sponge as an anti gravity cake to take to his classroom to share (by his request)...

... and it wasn't until tonight that all the pieces of his gift came together. His swag and the Minecraft Blockopedia.  That swag will come in very handy in a couple of weekends time.

He's had a swag for years, a tired and very worn second hand one. So this one is smells like a new car to him.  Wonderful to see him so excited and keen about it.

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Janice Nicholls said...

Bit late I know but HAPPY BIRTHDAY SEAN.
Love the cake! x