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Saturday, March 14, 2015

9 years of hair and his idea

Sooooooo, after I had taken this photo of Sean with his 9 year hair collection, he asked if I could make something similar for Paige's little boy, who is nearly 2 months old. Well gosh, what a cracker of an idea. And even better because he thought of it, not me.

So a late Friday afternoon phone call to find those little clear envelopes (I found them 9 years ago and had no idea if they were even still available, let alone locally), and a text to a friend to be a late night courier on my behalf, and boom, this idea became a reality.

I used a wooden 12x12 frame to suit the furniture in Noah's nursery and gave it to them yesterday. As Noah was only a couple of days from 2 months old, and my special relationship to him (I'm a surrogate Grandparent) :D, Paige asked me to cut his hair for his first envelope. Geez, I just about had a wobbly lip. What an honor. So after spending time with them at Baby Bounce yesterday, I snipped a lock of his hair while Paige fed him.  (the hair is not shown here as this shot of the LO was taken before we gifted it to them).

Love those people to bits.

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