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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

when the crows came to town

A couple of weeks ago the Adelaide Crows played North Melbourne in Port Lincoln. It was just brilliant. A perfect afternoon to enjoy watching Footy at its highest level. As a family we have never experienced AFL live, so I could hardly pass this chance up. I did leave getting tickets until nearly the last minute as I wanted to know what the weather was doing. The week before it was 42 degrees and there was no way I was dragging the kids out to cook in that heat.  It was forecasted to be a perfect 25 degrees and that's exactly what it was.  

Kym decided to go shooting so Grandpa and Grandma was asked to join us when I got around to buying the tickets.  We had a BBQ lunch at their place before finding a park only 50 metres from the gate. We were in the line up for maybe 30 minutes max and then we made our way inside to get our spot on the boundary. We had our backs to the sun and sat on our comfy deck chairs. The kids took their backpacks with lunchboxes, water bottles and things to keep them occupied until the game started.

Two other boys (son's of my scrappy friends) found us at the front and sat in with Sean right at the fence.  

Crows played a solid 3 quarters to North Melbourne, and then forgot to play in the last quarter. North Melbourne to their credit never gave up and kept on plugging away and nearly had the Crows in that last quarter.  1 super goal (worth 9 points) was scored in the 3rd quarter.

Final scores
Adelaide Crows       0.3.2   0.7.6   1.12.8   1.12.9    (90) 
North Melbourne    0.1.0   0.3.5   0.5.9   0.11.14    (80) 

The following day Richard (Dougy) Douglas, Matthew Wright, Keenan Ramsey and Mitch McGovern visited our school as part of the Crows Community Camp.  Lots of questions were fired at the boys but the one I remember the most was "what's your favorite sandwich?"   It was actually really great to have the kids hear that the boys liked ordinary things.   Promite and cheese, honey, and one of them, with a little bit of a blush admitted to peanut butter and jam.

Of course I seized upon the opportunity to take some shots of Sean with the boys.   :)

(Photos posted with parental permission)

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