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Monday, May 30, 2016

adelaide weekend getaway

After canning the idea of taking the family to Ningaloo Reef to dive with the Whale Sharks as the kids weren't very keen, I decided to take the Fambam to Adelaide for a weekend getaway. It came about as I had a specialist post op appt today regarding my elbow and the Crows were to play on Saturday night. When we go to town we normally land in with family and the kids have never experienced hotel accommodation (other than Annie on her China trip), so I lashed out and we stayed at the Grand Chancellor on Currie St.  The only place I could find that would sleep four in one room. Everywhere else I looked at only slept 3.

So with a list of to do's to get through, and it had a lot to do with getting Miss A (and us) used to public transport for when she goes to college, we had an awesome weekend away. We are all puffed out when we came home tonight.

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