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Sunday, May 1, 2016

happiness and new suprises

Previous post was a his LO. This one is for her album. 

I'm normally a chronological scrapper so I can pop the LO's straight into the respective albums for the kids. Lately I've been scrapping all over the shop, from where I'm up to in date order (2010 atm) to jumping ahead to 2016. Whilst I've really loved recording the memory while its so fresh, its not been so great with me putting the LO's into the albums. I resorted to placing them into a box with the thought that I'll get around to it later.

Later was today. My scrapping space is tiny. I have a desk in my office with my scrappy gear in tubs as I have no other way to store anything unless I stack tubs against small wall space. I was forever moving that box from one spot to another as it was always in my way and in the wrong spot.

I counted 30 layouts that I date ordered and sorted into albums today. I have one album that is for the LO's done out of date order from the rest of the kids albums. As I come to that date then I grab the LO from out of date album and pop it into the correct one for the kids. That's the only was I can get my head around scrapping out of sequence.

Now to organise myself and get a bunch of pics printed. I've been printing a little more at home and I'm finding I'm starting to create a digi page more often. I still print it on cardstock for that linen texture as I do love that look.

I need to sit at the laptop and really smash out some pics ready to print, either here at home or at a photo lab. The lack of pics ready to go for scrapping is frustrating me atm.

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SueP said...

This one is simple and very pretty...love the colour behind the photo and white cut-outs, then the gold tinsel circles an holly leaves adds a shine!! Beautiful!