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Monday, December 26, 2016

christmas 2016 - its a wrap

Christmas was in Port Lincoln for us this year with my Dad and Jane. And thank goodness for that as it was 41 degrees here, and only 28 down there. Its amazing that it can be so different in temp when its really not that far from here.

The kids decided to only unwrap their Father Christmas gift on Christmas morning and then take the rest to Lincoln to unwrap with their Grandparents. Little blossoms x. I'm so proud of them for doing that, for restraining themselves and wanting to include others in their day. And I didn't prompt them for that idea, it was all their own.

So gifts were handed around, unwrapped and ohh'd over before lunch.  Being a predidcated really warm day in Lincoln (it didn't get anywhere near it) the turkey was cooked the day before, but the ham was fresh out of the webber and it smelled divine.  Prawns were peeled and there were oodles of salads. Instead of the traditional pudding, we have pav. It was to die for. I think the kids inhaled theirs.

Afternoon sleeps were next on the list before a quick trot down to the swimming enclosure for a dip with the Modras, as it started to rain.

The kids had a game or 10 of nerve jangling Jenga,

learning the nuances of Blackjack and high stakes checkers before we all started on the pass the parcel game - with a twist. While you are desperately trying to peel off a layer of paper with oven mitts on your hands and a  Christmas hat on your head, the person next to you is rolling two dice. As soon as a double is rolled the parcel, hat and mitts go to the person on the left, as do the dice. Quite often a double was rolled just as the hat went on, let alone the mitts and getting a go at the wrapping. Its a loud, funny and fast game that was a great way to bring everyone together. The prize at the end was a Footrot Flats book which every single person in that room loved.

More prawns, ham. turkey and salads for tea, followed by mojitos and Baileys. Home by 10.30 that evening. All puffed out and with a top day in the memory bank.

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Anonymous said...

Such a special memory of this last christmas with your dad. Much love always. Paige xxx