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Monday, October 18, 2010

Port Pirie Gym Comp

Annie and I had the most fantastic and rewarding weekend at the Port Pirie Gym Comp. Our local club had 9 Gymnasts competing and the total attending for the weekend was in excess of 400. Just huge.

One of our girls came home with a 3rd for her level. Her very first trophy ever for her!!! It will no doubt be put up in pride of place along side her brother and sisters' accolades.

Two of our boys came home with medals. Their enthusiasm was so infectious!!!

I was asked by the Gym club to shoot photos of our Gymnasts this weekend and I took over 900. Most of them show each routine of each competitor in sequence. By that I mean for the floor routine, I may have taken say 20 shots to show each element so the kids can see for themselves where they lost points.

I had a blast. The kids were knackered.

Port Pirie is to be commended for catering so well for the extremely large numbers. Saturday didn't finish to 1am. Thank goodness our club's gymnast had finished by 8.15pm. Even so, some of us had to be there by 7.45am and that was long enough.

I wont show any pics of the other kids but I will pop a couple of Annie here.


Anonymous said...

So glad you girls had an awesome weekend - Annie looks so confident and you can see she's really enjoying being out there. Well done!

BTW it's "Me" hehehehehehe ;-)

Louise said...

so so cool WTG Annie :)

SueP said...

Sounds like a big weekend- great experience for the kids!! Bet you got heaps of photos!