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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

summer colour

In between photo shoots, processing of those shoots and the kids being on the nebuliser nearly all  holidays I have managed to scrap a tiny bit. Time is fleeting and the kids have been so not well with their asthma at all.

can now reveal after publication

We had a trip planned to go up to the Head of the Bight for whale watching. That had to be cancelled as Sean developed his asthma. That was over a week ago and we are still battling it. At that point we couldn't be away from a power point for his neb any more than an hour, and it was just too far from a hospital for just in case. And yes, it's often severe enough to warrant that 'just in case'. Then Annie's developed as well. After the last BIG scare we had with her asthma I slept in her room and monitored her really closely. We got over that hump as well, but we just cant seem to climb up the hill to get both kids really well.

So all in all, the kids have had a fairly mundane break from school. They have not once complained that they were bored or started fighting amongst themselves. I am so very thankful that I have good kids.

I've been booked solid for this last 10 days or so for photo shoots, and I'm just getting the logistics together for a huge one in November. With that one in mind and another public event that I'm the hired Paparazzi for November is totally booked out. I just cant accept any more in that month as the process work for these two is massive.

Make sure you head over to Twiddleybitz to check out the Ning Gallery to see what's happening this October where I'm the guest Designer for this month. There's a number of local ladies there too!!

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janice said...

Great double layout Tiff.
Gorgeous pics of A & S.

Congrats on being a guest designer on Twiddleybitz for October.