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Thursday, May 17, 2012

broken hill

We went up to Broken Hill as a family last month for the MIL (aka Dragon) 70th Birthday.

With the recent downpours of rain up there, the landscape is looking the best I've ever seen it. Kym hasn't seen it look so good in 20 years in his opinion.

So of course I took the camera up with me.

We spent the first part of the trip with my brother in Port Augusta. He's recently brought up his yacht from a marina in Adelaide. When you go over the bridge at Pt Augusta and you see a yellow hulled yacht sitting on its mooring, that's the 'Glory B'.

We all had a couple of hours on the yacht heading down the channel and looked at the power stations from the rear. You don't get to see this angle unless you work there or from the water.

I had a specific photo in mind for a specific purpose and I had borrowed a specific lens for it. The library is having a photo comp to promote literacy atm, and they want images of people reading bookings in any location, during any activity.

We stayed with them overnight, before heading up to the Hill. As soon as we arrived in Broken Hill, I dropped off Kym with the kids at his Mum's and headed up the Living Desert Sculptures. The light was right, and the sky was happening. The Dragon can wait.

Bajo El Sol Jaguar Sculpture at Broken Hill. The description of the sculpture is 'Use of the sun and the moon depicts duality and Night is represented by the star Venus. The mouth of the Jaguar takes the sun at night to protect it. Day is represented by the circle created by the sun.

 If you look carefully you can see a man watching the sun sink below the horizon, heralding the close of the day.

Glorious Autumn evening light looking over the plains from the Living Desert Sculptures. 
Broken Hill. New South Wales. Australia.

Bajo El Sol Jaguar Sculpture at Broken Hill. Glowing in the very last light of an Autumn Day

We spent 3 days out and about Broken Hill, which translates to 3 day trips away from the Dragon's Lair. She and I don't get along  T ALL(had you noticed lol). Kym and one of his sisters had all three days away from her too :-/

I had a day with the 4 kids (mine and 2 nieces) and I took them on the Honeymoon Mine Underground Tour. On the way out there, I stopped for the occasional shot.

Young feral camel.

Feral bull camel

So green at the moment. The saturated colours are what inspired Pro Hart with his paintings.

Honeymoon mine (topside)

Seeing that I had 4 kids under my wing, I left the camera topside while we had the underground tour.

Sean was the youngest on the tour and was often shown as an example of how Honeymoon was mined by 8-10 year old boys as well as men back then.

There was a gentleman with the same camera as mine who took a few shots of the interesting pieces and areas of the mine as well as of Sean holding the spike in a demo. I very kindly asked the man, handing him my business card for contact details, if he would mind forwarding on any shots of Sean my way. Within the week he sent them. Bless him.

It was a reasonably warm day, so by the time we were back in town, the kids wanted to go to the community pool. I hadn't packed bathers for the kids and they were outgrowing theirs anyway, so I found some at Big W on the end of season rack, and off we went to the pool.

We all had dinner out as a large family group that night.

Day 2 daytrip was out to Menindee Lakes with Kym's sister and partner. That's another post with images for later.

Day 3 daytrip. Kym, the kids and I went back to Menindee Lakes for the day. I wanted the day to shoot and Kym was catching up with a mate and a mess of yabbies. Post with pics later.

The next day we came home.

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SueP said...

Love your pics of the sun setting with those rich outback colours- just delish!!

Must look for the Glory B next time we go over the bridge at Port Agutta.